Fuel pumping Solutions


Whether you are looking to freshen up your forecourt, offer flexible fuel or optimise your fueling operations, Smartflow Technologies has the perfect solution. See which one works best for you.

Pumps and Dispensers

Smartflow supplies, installs, supports and provides maintenance services for Gilbarco Veeder-Root Pumps and Dispensers.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root是服务站设备(SSE)设计,开发和制造的全球领导者。这确保了Gilbarco泵和分配器可提供最佳的性能和可靠性,以大边距更加同行。Gilbarco泵泵支持并促进零售和商业燃料运营,效率和有效性作为坚定的基线。


The Gilbarco Veeder-Root Latitude dispenser is a perfect blend of enhanced performance and sleek design that will draw vehicles to your station. Its innovative features are designed to make functioning easier and help you increase profits at your station.

Here’s what makes LATITUDE the best solution for station owners looking for a better, new-age dispenser.

  • EasyView display to reassure customers they’re getting exactly what they’ve paid for. The bold and clear display increases customer trust and turns them into loyalists.
  • 光流动液压系统的吸力升力增加10%,平均流量增加7%。
  • Powersafe Electronics that minimize dispenser breakdown.
  • 未分解的安全性。纬度燃料分配器是篡改耐受智能电子板,如智能电子板,它通过安全协议互相通信,并且不允许任何外部组件挖掘它们。业界公认的Gilbarco Veeder-Root SIP Pulsar停止推动任何Pulsar升降场景。
  • 纬度燃料分配器的设计将用户界面组件如键盘,软管,喷嘴等。在符合人体工程学的高度和位置,适用于整个班次的数百个操作。员工越舒适地感受到他们产生的利润越多。


  • 流量选择:标准和高流量
  • Delivery Speed: 40 – 50 L/Min for standard flow and 70 – 80 L/Min for High Flow
  • Easy Hose with Non-obstructing Money Volume Display View
  • 泵停止选项
  • 弯曲的遮篷
  • Gilbarco HD Meter with non-obstructing Money Volume Display View
  • 具有升降检测的安全滤波器
  • 可水洗泵滤波器
  • Washable Meter Filter
  • 具有直接阳光可读性的高对比度LCD显示屏
  • 12 Digit Totaliser (Cumulative & Daily)
  • Electronics Power Supply
  • Ticket Printer (Option)
  • 电机过电压保护
  • 电子可调流量(选项)
  • Matrix Keypad (with 4 + 4 pre-configured buttons)

Horizon Series

Horizo​​ n泵和分配器灵活可靠。Horizo​​ n是您的前门需求的解决方案,建立在最挑战环境中的最终。每个地平线组件都是为可靠性和长寿而设计的,为您提供资金。

  • 领先的可靠性:Robust Electronics, Meter accuracy and flow optimisation
  • Timeless Image:耐磨表面积保持清新,更长,以降低昂贵的费用rebranding
  • Unparalleled Security:增强的分配器安全性为客户提供了他们支付的,而燃料方差节省减少盗窃。
  • Nozzle Boost:喷嘴升压设计用于长时间喷嘴寿命
  • 控制forced nylon material absorbs shock and lasts for a long time
  • Nozzle boost enables more secure stowing (reduce drops that damage nozzle tips
  • 掌握欧洲的可选集成欧洲多媒体允许您显示店内促销或第三方广告以增加销售额
  • Host video or an image over a LAN connection or USB connection
  • Add colour coded grade selection for a more intuitive user-experience
  • Dependable electronics
  • 在-20c至55℃下测试。
  • No information lost during power outages
  • 安全界面脉冲(SIP)
  • Chip identification with supporting electronics
  • End-to-end encryption
  • 剥离检测


Encore S泵和分配器是高档和高品质的产品,可带来全新的功能and prestige to the Service Station Forecourt.

在美利坚合众国制造,Encore S将燃料分配到一个全新的水平,能够做出远远超过销售燃料。由于其设计和功能,Encore S将提供更高的保证金,增加忠诚度和更顺畅的操作 - 今天和未来几年。

  • 领先的可靠性:Robust Electronics, Meter accuracy and flow optimisation
  • 极大的灵活性:Colour screen, more than two hoses per side prevents misfuelling
  • Timeless Image:耐磨表面积保持清新,更长,以降低昂贵的费用rebranding
  • Unparalleled Security:增强的分配器安全性为客户提供了燃油方差节省的速度急促


Frontier consists of a range of extremely efficient, rugged, reliable and high performing pumps and dispensers that maintain and provide a highly immaculate visage on the forecourt.

Frontier pumps are manufactured in GVR’s centre of excellence in India and have been deployed in various locations, even those with extreme operational and weather conditions in Europe, Asia and Africa.

边疆系列1 Pumps & Dispensers (Frontier F210)


Key Features

  • 标准GVR仪表
  • 全球吸力装置
  • 1惠普电动机
  • Wide Voltage Band 180-250V
  • Wash-n使用SS过滤器
  • 6-6-6-Sale-Vol-PPU Display
  • 冷轧钢护套和面板
  • 高软管高程2.1米
  • Pre-set Pin Pod with Display
  • 附加椭圆形顶篷选项
  • 4KV Electrical Noise Resistance
  • Standard Flow-80LPM
  • Transaction Logs
  • Sole Round-Up, Floating Sale Decimal
  • Hand Crank Option for Low Hose
  • ATEX&OIML R117 / 118认证
  • 34 Crates in Standard 4ft. container

Red Jacket Submersible Pumps

The Red Jacket is a fixed speed submersible turbine pump that optimizes fuel flow to your dispensers. Its motor performance deliver. It has higher flow rates than any other motor in the industry. It features Red Jacket’s advanced packer manifold design, making it the industry’s easiest and safest STP to install and service.

Key Features
  • 优越的电机设计提供更高的流量,较低的功耗和提高安全性和可靠性
  • 先进的包装机歧管提供自动燃油排水和电气断开,以增加现场和环境安全
  • Die springs break the extractable seal for easier lifting of the extractable
  • Check valve and manifold enable easier line design enables easier line tests and servicing
  • 可用于90%乙醇浓度或高达100%甲醇浓度的AG型号


The OPW 11® Series automatic nozzles are OPW’s premium conventional nozzles for safe retail and commercial petroleum filling. The OPW 11® Series is the most trusted conventional nozzle in the world for full service use. The OPW 11B® series is designed for use in retail and commercial filling applications including pre-pay, self and full-service, credit/debit card readers or card-lock systems to help prevent gasoline spills. The OPW 11B® will not open until the pumping system is pressurized, and closes automatically when the pressure is removed.

Safe for Use
  • 防止使用OPW独特的无压力的预付款或卡锁系统中的汽油溢出 - 没有流量装置。不能打开喷嘴,直到泵送系统被加压并且在移除压力时自动关闭。
  • Prevents customer from jamming the nozzle in an open position – Blocker on lever guard. FlowLock™ allows nozzle to shut-off when falling out of a vehicle, and tipped up limiting spillage and unsafe conditions
  • 经过周期测试和经过验证的时间超过100万次循环 - 比当今市场上的任何其他喷嘴更好。
  • 耐用的杠杆护罩不会划伤客户的车辆
Appealing to Customers
  • 使用方便
  • Attractive 2-piece Newgard™ Hand Insulator is the most comfortable nozzle in the industry to use.
  • 方便 - 一个易于设置流量的一个手指打开的剪辑